Who should apply

What are we looking for?
Smart people.  Great ideas.  Hardware ideas. Software ideas.  Apps.  Security.  Micropayment. Social interaction.  Stuff we’ve never heard of.  Stuff we’ve never thought of.  Big ideas.  And small ideas. But all mobile.  Only mobile.  That’s what interests us. That’s where we add value.

Unlike heading to a VC right away, or even applying to most incubators these days- There doesn’t need to be a billion dollar potential market for your product.   Maybe there’s only a tiny market- but you know you can own it.  Maybe there’s only a $10M market but there’s no competition.

Or maybe you’ve got an idea that’s 75% formed and you need to enhance it.  Maybe you just need a few doors opened and you’re almost there. Maybe you’re a fully formed company with customers and you’re running into a brick wall.  Maybe you’re looking for your next financing step or you realize you need to pivot but don’t know how.

If you feel like you’re not ready for a traditional incubator program, or if you’ve tried some other incubators and didn’t find a fit for some reason- yours or theirs-then we encourage you to apply to Complex 39.

Look- we can help you.   We can help some of you more than others. If we think we can really make a difference- we’ll jump in with both feet. If you’re not quite ready for us, or just need some advice, we’ll point you in the right direction.

But if you are ready to launch– you’re ready to build a wildly successful business with your idea, big or small, then fill out our application.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.