Complex 39

from NASA site: “…originally built for the huge Apollo/Saturn V rockets that launched American astronauts on their historic journeys to the moon and back…Complex 39 is designed to support the concept of mobile launch operations…”

Isn’t it time to launch your mobile technology idea?

“Historically, between 96.5 – 97.5% of applications are rejected. We don’t publicize the number of applications (which increase each round)…” Harjeet Taggar (Partner at Y combinator)


“We’re currently running at anywhere from 400-700 applications per city. It’s averaging right around 600 lately. This has consistently risen each year since inception. So that means less than 2% of applicants will be accepted.” David Cohen (Mentor to TechStars)


Zynga, Fed Ex, Google, Ebay, Airbnb, and Twitter were turned down by some of the biggest names and smartest people in technology.

If you didn’t get into Y-Combinator, 500 Start-Ups, or NYTechStars – it’s not the end of the road.  Not getting in to one of these top programs doesn’t mean that you don’t have a great idea.  Maybe it means you’re not quite ready for them right now. Or maybe they have something similar in their portfolio ( don’t let that dissuade you…the market is a huge place…) or you just haven’t thought through the business model adequately, or you need to tweak your prototype a bit. Maybe you don’t have a Billion dollar market for your product- and so they’re just not interested.  But whatever has kept you out of an elite incubator thus far doesn’t have to stop  you from achieving your dream.

If you’ve got an idea that you’re absolutely passionate about.  Something that keeps you up all night… thinking about how to get it to market – then we’ll help. We’ll get you ready for serious funding if you need it.  More importantly- we’ll get you ready to launch!

Your idea doesn’t have to change the world. 

It doesn’t have to be a “home run!”

It just has to create value. Real value.

Complex 39

We’re a Virtual Incubator.  In the mobile space. Only.

We’re a Mobile Launch Operations Team.

For your company.

Incubation isn’t a new concept.  But Complex 39 is different from other incubators.  We’re not a ‘place’…we’re a team, a mind-set, and a support system for success- we’re like business curators. We bring value by focusing on what we love- entrepreneurs and the mobile space.  

And we work with you wherever you are. If you’re not here, we’ll be your  doorway to Silicon Valley.  If you are here, we’ll open doors that you could only dream of.

We think incubation is about eliminating distracting influences, preparing a supportive environment, bringing resources to bear to grow your idea, shepherding founders and teams in the creation of a sustainable enterprise. Opening doors and creating relationships that matter.  Getting your product into the hands of actual customers.  Creating a real company.  With real revenues.

Getting above the chatter and hype.  Bringing the best stuff forward.  Cultivating, organizing, protecting, preserving, extending, expanding, presenting.  These are some of the goals and responsibilities of a business incubator.  Separating the extraordinary from the pedestrian is another.   And we think those are the most important things we can do as a virtual incubator.  Getting you connected with the right people at the right time to do the right things for your company.

Many great product ideas lie just beneath the surface – in some cases unrecognized – but most often only unrealized. You’ve imagined, tinkered with, or even prototyped a new concept. But the commercialization process- building a business- is stretching your current resources.

Sometimes the barrier is a lack of time, ability to focus, or a partial concept requiring peer review and expansion. Often it is a lack of money- just a small amount to prove the concept. Complex 39 quickly drives concept maturity and enables the founder to focus on her goal.

We do this by removing the resistance in the system, aiding in the direction setting, helping identify potential customers, performing competitive analysis, providing rapid prototyping, and delivering real world acumen and advice- and contacts.

We help founders build the right team, supporting and encouraging them through their initial anxieties, anticipating (and mitigating) the road blocks, and by greasing the wheels of creation so that inventors can invent – while the appropriate businesses model can be identified, tested, and implemented- and the foundation of measurable success can grow around them.

We invest time, energy, and expertise.  We open doors. We open minds. Sometimes we open our checkbook.  But money isn’t the only thing that makes a company succeed. Clarity of purpose.  Customer acquisition. Pivoting and adapting.  Having the fundamentals right and being ready to grow is critical to the long-term.  When we invest, we invest at the seed stage. Often the first money to the table.  But only when the company is ready to launch.  Really launch.

At Complex 39 we take a founder and his idea from inception to enterprise.  We help the founders and teams in our program obtain later stage funding, while supporting and protecting our investment in the founders’ future.  We retain a seat at the table and continue to help wherever it’s required.  We invest in minds.  We cultivate talent.  We build businesses. Sustainable businesses. With you.

We’re different. We’re mobile.  We’re virtual. We’re available for you.

We’re not dropping you into a warehouse with 47 other companies and giving you 12 weeks to build a powerpoint presentation. We don’t have the space and that’s just not the way we work.  Time is tight in a fresh start up. We’ll help you figure out the most efficient approach to validating your ideas: fast prototyping, user testing, 3rd party architectural confirmation, business model validation, or whatever makes the most sense for your particular circumstance.

In some companies the technology is the biggest challenge. In others it might be the business model or competitive assessment. Or it could be both. External validation helps you increase your (and our) confidence in your product- and to give you the assurance that you’re doing the right things.

We’re working with you and your team to create value.   Create visibility. And create fundability.  We ‘hand-craft’ each business we work with- we’re personally involved.  We leave nothing to chance. Bringing the best of incubation and acceleration together with capital in a virtual environment.  In your environment.

We look.  We ask questions. We listen.  We coach.  We challenge.  We open doors.  We hold hands.  But you do the work.  You run your business and we show you how to avoid a lot of early mistakes – and take the right steps.

This is what we do at Complex 39.

You can order pizza or create Democracy with mobile technology…

Or you can do both. The mobile ecosystem powers incredible movements.   That same ecosystem can capture incredible moments.   We’ve seen it happen.  We’re a mobile group living in a mobile world.  And it’s only going to get more interesting.


If you have an idea,  a dream,  a vision.  Or a prototype, a company,  a partner.  Or just you.  We’re here for you.  We do one thing.  Everything to help you move from that great idea to full-fledged entrepreneur in the mobile world.  We’ve got a mobile DNA and a mobile focus.

We focus on you.  And not because we’re altruists.  Because we want to see your ideas become a part of the mainstream marketplace.  And we want to be a part of it the whole way.  Idea.  Model.  Pivot. Funding. Team. Plan. Execute. Success.  We’re there.  The whole way.

We won’t coddle you.  We won’t blow smoke up your butt.  We won’t let you short-change yourself.  We’ll challenge you.  Mentor you.  Drive you. Open doors for you.

But you’ve got to walk through.  You’ve got to lead and you’ve got to follow.  We’ve been there.  We’ve done that.  It’s your turn.

A start-up is all-consuming.  We know. We help you focus on the things that should consume you.  We eliminate distractions.  We hone.  We sharpen.  We accelerate your business.  If you’re ready for it.

This isn’t a camp.  It’s a ramp.  It’s a launch-pad!  To reality and success.

If you think you’re ready to take off,  then drop us a line (or better- fill out the application) and let us know what you’re thinking.  Let us know what you need.  Let us know how you think we can help.

If we think we can help you we’ll get together via Skype or phone…and take it from there.

Mobile Launch Operations. Virtually.  That’s what we do.  

At Complex 39.