Launch Control

We’re a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, engineers, and executives from the mobile domain.  From capital equipment development to app development.  From running one of the largest commercial deployments of the Android OS to building out a major telecommunications company.  From modems to handsets.  From mapping to streaming.  Having been part and parcel of the success of Silicon Valley for the last 20+ years, our team of partners, advisors, investors, and friends is incredible.
And we can put that to work for you and your dream.We’re not hackers (well- some of us are…)  We’re really technology business guys (and gals) who wear the suits so you don’t have to.  We’re not expert in every facet of the mobile marketplace.  But we probably know folks who are.  If you need them we’ll find them for you.We’ve got a passion for working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs.  We’ve got decades of real world business experience.  We’re joined by a cast of dozens of former colleagues, friends, and partners.
Complex 39 knows how to work with you to validate your plan and hit the ground running – with proper focus and funding. We cover the bases of business experience: Team development, Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Operations, and Software Engineering. We’re across the country: Silicon Valley, LA, San Diego, NYC, Washington D.C., the northwest, the southeast. We’ve got the contacts. We’ll help you connect the dots.
Here are the bios of our founding partners. There are only three of us. But we understand leverage.  And we’ll bring our team and network to bear on your company.

Larry Slotnick

Developing and releasing the original Droid software platform while a VP of Engineering at Motorola wasn’t the only highlight of Larry’s career.  As VP of Engineering at MontaVista, Palm, and Apple he led the development of a lot of ‘firsts’ in the industry.  Elegance, flexibility, and simplicity have been the hallmarks of the many world class products Larry has directed.  He’s equally comfortable as a contributor to an open-source development team, or the executive responsible for all software execution in a Fortune 500.  He was doing LEAN before it was cool.  He’s got an MSCS from Berkeley but he doesn’t take himself too seriously…unless it’s time to deliver products. Then there’s serious work to do. Larry doesn’t expect team members to do anything he’s not willing to do himself. And in his leisure time- he’s teaching his dog how to wakeboard.

Matt Williams

Speaking of LEAN – Matt’s launched and built a half-dozen companies on shoe-string budgets. You’ve probably never heard of any of them. But all of them were cash-flow positive. And all of them still are. He started his professional life in Risk Management for one of the world’s biggest financial companies and quickly learned that being a cog in a big machine was not where he was best suited. A professional investor and trader Matt travelled the world investing and writing- and building businesses along the way. From a farm in the south of France to a Fijian Bure’, from hang-gliding in Whistler to sitting on the beach in Malibu, Matt has created successful enterprises. He focuses on marketing, laser-like focus on the customer, and doing what others said could never be done.  He thinks it’s time for Cobol and Pascal to make a comeback (really?!), is building a suite of iPhone games with his team, and and drives his vintage Porsches like he’s Steve McQueen in the movie “Le Mans.”