Flight Dynamics

It’s different for every one of our companies.  We’ve learned that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Sure there are some basics: idea sizing, market sizing, competitive analysis, business model exploration, technology assessment, funding assessment, team assessment/creation/expansion, mentoring, deck creation,  introductions, coaching, events, collaboration, yada, yada, yada.Ideally- you’re solving a unique problem in a unique market in a unique way- if you’re not then we’re not then that may be the problem- so we’ve got to take a unique approach to helping you.  If at least one ‘unique’ isn’t in your game plan, then you’re probably not quite ready- and we’re probably not the right people to talk to.

In Complex 39 we come to you.  Sometime’s physically.  Usually not.  We Skype.  We message.  We email.  We get you on great conference calls with our rocket scientists. We use leading edge social project management software to provide real-time feedback and guidance.

But mostly we work with you over distance.  And find the gaps and fill them.  Move you forward.  Aggressively.  Help you hold yourself accountable.  It all plays out in a time-frame that best suits your company and the rapidly evolving market.  Maybe 3 months.  Maybe a year.  Even though time is tight in the start-up world, we’re committed to do whatever it takes to deliver the right result: your successful company.

The first step to being a successful big company,  is being a small company that doesn’t suck. A company that has the bases covered.  A company that can grow as, or if, it needs to. So we move you past ‘suck’ as a company.   We may provide some funding. You may need $5k or you may need $500k.

We’ll help you figure it out and we’ll make sure the money is there when you need it.*

We invest in minds.  We cultivate talent.  We build businesses. With you.

*This is NOT a funding or investment commitment. Our typical investment is less than $20k and we do NOT guarantee any future funding of any kind.  But we don’t want to lose our money. And we never get it back unless YOU succeed.  So we help you succeed.